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Magenta on From the Hip -- Montreal Has Evolved
lovely, Ill have to check it out!

Jim Armstrong on Night Cyclist
Did you get the cyclist's number? Maybe you could set up some proper lighting next time and ask him to ride past ...

Benkirane Thami on From the Hip -- Montreal Has Evolved
Bonne année lumineuse et chal-heureuse!

ed on Magellans of the Main
FWIW, Montrealers call the street they are on (Boul. St-Laurent) "The Main." These two were lost and were ...

Eric Kim on Magellans of the Main
Curious image--makes me think!

bebe on Alien Boy Pays for Parking
alien boy's mom got a large booty :-D

Michel on A Dog with a Job
The guy behind is on a push-bike, slightly popular among owners of large energic dogs. The owner stands and pushes his ...

Harry Slaunwhite on Alien Boy Pays for Parking
But will the meters here accept spices from Alpha Centuri?

Benkirane Thami on Here is my head
Il faut lever un peu plus la flèche pour que l'on puisse voir enfin sa tête... Bonne journée ...

ed on Pants FAIL, Ave. Mont-Royal
Walkin' downtown with your pants on the ground!

thami on Night Cyclist (again)
Pour le cadrage, c'est le "lit de Procuste" ! Belle impression de vitesse! Bonne journée ...

thami on Beard on a Bixi
Very Happy New Year avec la meilleure lumière du monde !

thami on Beard on a Bixi
Bonnes, joyeuses et merveilleuses fêtes baignées de chaleur et de lumière!

thami on Beard on a Bixi
Pourquoi ne pas songer à adapter les roues des vélos à la neige ? Bonne journée chaleureuse ...

thami on Tropical Dreams
Le rêve et la réalité ! Il y a des publicités trompeuse et celle-là, elle trompe ...

thami on Sweeper, rue St-Denis
Les feuilles mortes se ramassent à la pelle...: Bonne journée lumineuse et chaleureuse!

Niccolò on Going for a smoke?
I loce this picture, well done. It makes me think a lot to mark cohen's style.

Stu on Underground City
Ahh, this has loads of emotion and mystery. I like the camera movement and the almost indistinct figure. Here's a ...

Stu on Rue St-Joseph, Saint-Roch, Ville de Quebec
A lot going on here. The leash is bar taut as if the dog wanted to remain by itself while the two figures add mystery. ...

Stu on Night Cyclist
I think little of internet critique or critique in general. Here's an example of limited thinking . . . a tripod ...

ed on Adonis of The Main
Damon, those are excellent street shots from The Main! With regard to the "chill," the funny thing is that ...

ed on Night Cyclist
Thanks Damon! :-)

Damon Schreiber on Squat

Damon Schreiber on Adonis of The Main
Nice hip-shot (pun intended)! Having just read your 'about' page I'm curious about the chill on street ...

Damon Schreiber on Bagel Man, Fairmount Bagel
Oooh Fairmost Bagel: I can almost smell the scene!

Damon Schreiber on Night Cyclist
Followed you here from The Online Photographer today. This is indeed a fine shot - I particularly enjoy the sense that ...

the milliner on Squat
Great photo! Love the jacket and the xmas lights.

thami on Squat
Une scène de rue riche en informations et en détails! Bonne journée lumineuse!

thami on Spike
Les cheveux sont dressés sur sa tête! Est-il en train de lire une histoire d'horreur ! Mon coiffeur ...

thami on Say what?
Ce n'est pas l'endroit indiqué pour faire fortune... Bonne journée lumineuse!

thami on Shadows on The Main
Les ombres s'allongent et nous précèdent comme un chien excité mais tenu en laisse!... Bonne ...

ed on Up there!
Thami, vous êtes le philosophe de Aminus3! :-)

thami on Up there!
Il y a ces deux personnes qui par leurs gestes nous invitent à lever les yeux...mais il y a aussi cet enfant ...

ed on Wobble
Hello Aji. I did a small amount of processing in Lightroom and Photoshop. Just some basic levels and a slight vignette ...

Aji on Wobble
Nice pict. Did you processed the pict or just use the camera's process? Regards, aji ...

sakshi on Wobble
Thats a cool one

sakshi on November Comes Early
Oh yeah it seem like we are gonna have a rocking winter...I love snow so am all too excited! Thanks for pointing out ...

thami on Sweep
...ce trottoir blanc comme une frontière entre deux mondes! Bonne journée lumineuse!

thami on Adonis of The Main
C'est l'homme phare de la journée ! Bonne journée lumineuse!

ed on Wobble
Heh heh. It's a leg shot from the hip. :-)

Anders Berlin on Pants FAIL, Ave. Mont-Royal
This really is a hip shot!

Anders Berlin on Run, Runner, Run!
This is a street/action/hip/motion/leg picture, that I like!

Anders Berlin on Wobble
Is this a hipshot or is it a legshot? ;-) Very good picture!

ed on November Comes Early
Curly, it's hard to say what the winter will be like. The only consistent thing over the past ten years is that ...

Curly on November Comes Early
I'm getting worried and excited by the number of snow pictures that I've seen in the last seven days. ...

thami on November Comes Early
Super, ça va être l'opportunité de saison pour avoir des réflexions au sol ! Une ...

thami on Wobble
Une image qui nous fait entendre le martèlement sec et rythmé des talons sur le sol ...Nos pas sont ...

k@ on Underground City
Superbe atmsphère, black is beautiful* (pour répondre à tes visiteurs, clique sur ...

k@ on Night Cyclist
Superbe mouvement ! Tes street shots me plaisent beaucoup ~ 

Jennifer on Skateboarder, Ave. du Parc
Nice picture! I like it a lot.

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